First UMC Lafayette

Sharing the Love of God through worship, education and outreach.

Rev. Kerry A. McCormick, Pastor

I graduated from the Iliff School of Theology (2000) and was ordained in 2007. I took my first appointment to a church, however, in 2002. So this is my 15th year in ministry.

My pastoral theology is about making safe places for people to realize a sense of belonging to God and to others. I am a progressive mainline Christian interested in being challenged to live my faith every day. I don’t claim to have all the answers, and I’m not interested in telling you how to live your life. I am interested in learning together how we can become the best versions of our selves and how we can bring the hope, peace, light, and love of Jesus Christ to the world.

I believe that in order to be my best self in ministry, I must have a “method” to live by – it’s a Wesleyan thing to do. First and foremost, I strive to abide by the Three General Rules.

  1. Do no harm.
  2. Do all the good I can.
  3. Attend to the means of grace. “Means of grace” includes participating regularly in the Sacraments as well as study, prayer, service, and opportunities to learn and share with others.

I am part of a denomination that strives to transform the world, one heart at a time. I know I can only work on that idea through attending to my own discipleship – the way I follow Jesus. I invite you to join me on the journey.