First UMC Lafayette

Sharing the Love of God through worship, education and outreach.

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our Mission:  Growing in Jesus Christ, In Harmony, Love, Justice and Acceptance for all.

Our Vision:  We will worship God wherever we are.  We will continue to lift our voices and other instruments of praise to God.  We are LGBTQ friendly.  We will serve our community with love.  We will partner with others in our community to seek justice and be a place of peace.  We will build trust within our congregation and communicate welcome to all people.  We strive to reflect the values of our community – creative, diverse and eclectic.

Our Core Values: We are Christians.  We believe Jesus Christ is our savior.  We believe that Christ commanded us to love every human being.  We believe we are all children of God.  We study and find inspiration in the Bible.
We believe science is God’s gift, open to us by God’s wisdom.
We believe that we are all siblings, created in the image of God, and we renounce all forms of racism and class.
In the spirit of John Wesley, Martin Luther, Martin Luther King Jr. and many other saints and martyrs, we believe in the teachings of the bible in observance of love, tolerance, justice and equality for all.  We open our hearts, our minds and our arms to all.
Everyone is welcome to worship in our house of the Lord.